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An open invitation to aspiring Travel Journalists

Sportztrip is an internet-based global news and information service for adventure sports.

We are Adventure Sports specialists who act as a guide, directing sports enthusiasts to Tours, Events and Accommodation around the world. We have an international team of sport and travel journalist who provide entertaining news.

While we focus on reviewing Adventure Sports tours and events, we are also aware that, on their rest days, our clientsalsohave a thirst for non-sports activities. We also recognise that many of our clients travel with their partners / spouses / family members who do not engage in the Sportztrip ‘primary’ client’s sporting activity and will be on the lookout for alternative local recreational opportunities to engage in.

These include organised / coordinated toursand special-interest locations that tourists attend. They are usually a half to a full day activity.

They predominantly take the form of day trips and excursions; outdoor activities, cruises sailing and water tours; fun parks; cultural activities, including art galleries and museums; food and wine tours; and sightseeing.

At Sportztrip we refer to them as ‘Supplementary Tours’.
Sportztrip is currently looking for people to review these Supplementary Tours and the accommodation located near adventure sports hot spots.

The reviews can be conducted from the comfort of the reviewer’s own home in most instances i.e. you don’t have to travel to the location i.e. you don’t have to experience the activity itself. Not initially at any rate.

As a Sportztrip travel Reviewer, you will:
1. Use the internet to identify individual activities and their Operators in your country;
2. Make contact with the Operators, introducing yourself as a Sportztrip representative, and gathering information about their activity / tour / service;
3. Then offering them space on our platform where Sportztrip will market them, they pay a monthly fee of $34 per month to have their accom recommended in our sporting tour sections.

• If they currently have no online booking system and are just a small operation, they can use Sportztrip’s which can save them money on creating their own system. All icome goes directly to them without commissions
• Sportztrip’s booking system works in 5 languages. Accessing international clients is where we can assist the majority of Tour Operators the most.
• When their tour is not full we can promote a special offer very quickly (print media does not have this capacity).

As a travel journalist you will receive 30% of revenue from all accommodation and all non sporting tours that pay the $34 per month subscription fee. Your income is only limited by the number of hoteloperators and tour operators you sign up. Please understand that you are offering a much cheaper service then other 3rd party booking sites for hotels and our web traffic is generated from our sport Journalist. You need to target accommodation that is close to sporting locations. Such as a hotel at the start of a famous hike or near a surfing location.

If the above sounds attractive to you then feel free to contact

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