Tour Operators

Why partnership with Sportztrip?


Who is Sportztrip?

Sportztrip is an internet-based global news and information service for adventure sports. We have combined the worlds most popular sports to maximise exposure.

These sports include:

1. Cycling & Mountain Biking
2. Hiking & Mountain Climbing
3. Motorcycles (Adventure, Road Touring, Enduro)
4. Diving & Snorkelling
5. Fishing (saltwater & freshwater)
6. Surfing
7. Windsurfing
8. Adventure Racing and Triathlon
9. Snow-Sports
10. Off-road 4 WD adventures

While the Sportztrip platform will be accessed by net-surfing punters generally, we are specifically targeting sports enthusiasts who have a taste for travel.

The content we put up includes sports related videos, commentaries, interviews and skill improvement / educational instructional information.

Our clients are initially attracted by our content but will be directed to our ‘SportzMaps’ where they can locate and identify different trips, tours and events … and where they can also make a Tour Booking online.

And Sportztrip is continually increasing its international target audience.

Part of our platform includes a 3rd party booking service for tours. Our fee structure is subscription only’, $34 per month so a Tour Operator can list unlimited tours and conducts business directly with the client receiving 100% of the entry fee.

How do I start with Sportztrip?

Starting with Sportztrip is simple:

Step 1: You fill out our online Registrationand agree to our terms and conditions;
Step 2: You then receive a questionnaire about your Tour details;
Step 3: Your Tour/s get loaded into our system; the first 6 months subscription is free we hope you load your tours into the system as early as possible so you can achieve pre sales for your tours.
Step 4: You help your business by constantly sending Sportztrip video footage or photos of your recent Tours which we will add to our news content (which is the best form of advertising you can deploy at no cost to yourself);
Step 5: When a client books online we send you a simple booking form & you then make contact with the client and use your normal client communication techniques.

Some key points

  • If you currently have no online booking system and are just a small operation, you can use ours at no cost (as you wish).
  • Our booking system works in 8 languages. Accessing international clients is where we can assist the majority of Tour Operators the most.
  • When your tour is not full we can promote a special offer very quickly(print media does not have this capacity).
  • Sportztrip can allow tour companies to offer skill level specialised tours (e.g. an expert tour can be advertised with video footage to a world-wide market instantly and with negligible marketing preparation time).

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