Product Review

Rules of product reviews.

Product Review

• Look at the product through our clients’ buyer’s eyes.
• Be authentic / be honest / write your truth.
• Don’t write what is expected of you – make it ‘fresh’ / include unexpected angles.
• Don’t attack or insult the Manufacturer / Retailer.
• Use no swear words.
• No ranting.
• Use but don’t rely on PR & Marketing material supplied by the Manufacturer / Retailer.

1. Who is this product aimed at / being marketed to:

2. How long and in what circumstances have you used this product (eg: short ride / 3 day ride / over the last 12 months / in dry or rainy weather / etc.). Give the context of how familiar you are with the product.

3. Talk to the technical specifications.

4. And list the recommended retail price.

5. Your first impressions.

6. What is the quality of manufacturing – precision & finishing.

7. Does it have any standout ‘trick’ bits on it.

8. Is it user-friendly.

9. What does it claim to do

10. Does it do what it claims: Y / N / Y&N explain

11. List pros / benefits / strengths.

12. List cons / drawbacks / weaknesses.

13. What application is it best suited to.

14. Where does it excel.

15. Where / under what circumstances could it be improved.

16. Where / under what circumstances would it grossly fail.

17. What other well known product brands & models would you put it on a par with – what else would you use instead. 18. Is it value for money.

19. How long can it be expected to last (wear & tear over time):

Very Short-tern Market Entry (adequate to allow its owner to get a taste for the sport then its usability will rapidly decline);
Short-term Market Entry (adequate to allow entry to the sport and will last long enough for its owner to improve their performance before its usability rapidly declines);
Long-term Market Entry (will last but its owner can expect to be trading up when he steps to the next competency level and will require technically better gear);
Good kit that is as good as the top level gear but is priced very competitively against that alternative gear(cheap / good value for money);
Expert level kit that will facilitate higher and higher performance;
Professional level kit (innovative / product research / testing).

20. Last few paragraphs should be your personal opinion alone – recap on your earlier points.

21. Would you use it & include it in your kit –under what circumstances and in what context.

22. Give it a rating on the 5 star table:

Does what it claims 1 2 3 4 5
Value for money 1 2 3 4 5
Manufacturing quality 1 2 3 4 5
Longevity 1 2 3 4 5

23. Thumbs UP / DOWN.

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