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An open invitation to aspiring Journalists, Writers and Content Creators.

If you’re an enthusiast in a sport, have 40 minutes to spare in your day, can string 200 words together and can also trawl the web searching out great video content or can create your own, then you might want to talk to us!

This is a shout out to the up and comers, who can demonstrate unique and diverse approaches to identifying, creating and uploading internet content.

We are looking for people outside the existing sports industries and established media (or rogue elements hiding within it). We’ve created a web platform and an e-mag and we are searching internationally for Contributors to populate it. We are on the lookout for people that have an enthusiasm for their sport. Punters with a fresh perspective.People, who in all probability won’t be experts in their sport but will be competent Joe Averages with a fervour for their gig. More importantly they will KNOW their sport. Content experts are what we are looking for. Sportz people with a passion. Players who live and breathe it, and want to share their appetite and their knowledge. People just like you.

We have a sound business plan and we are looking to include others in it.

Who are we?
We are
We are an internet-based global news and information service for adventure sports.

These sports include:
1. Cycling & Mountain Biking
2. Hiking & Mountain Climbing
3. Motorcycles (Adventure, Touring, Enduro)
4. Diving & Snorkelling
5. Fishing ( saltwater& freshwater)
6. Surfing
7. Windsurfing
8. Adventure racing
9. Snow-Sports
10. Off-Road 4WD adventures,

While the Sportztrip platform will be accessed by net-surfing punters generally, we are specifically targeting sports enthusiasts who have a taste for travel.

Our clients are initially attracted by our content but will be directed to our ‘SportzMaps’ where they can locate and identify different trips, tours and events … and where they can also make a booking online. They will come for the content but will stay for the content that our Contributors (you) put up. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

That content will include sports related videos, commentaries, interviews and skill improvement / educational instructional information.

And we are currently looking for Contributors.
We are looking for enthusiasts in each sport category, who will become part of a 3 person team, in each country. Theywill be responsible for creating a trusted, ‘one stop shop’ of news, product reviews, tour reviews, event reviews, equipment reviews, expert information, skill level improvement information, video content and entertainment generally, as it pertains to their sport.

Our Contributors will be people who have extensive (typically 5 years or more) experience in a sport but don’t have to be professionals or indeed be expert at it. They will be people who can filter information about their sport and provide our clients an entertaining, informative read / video presentation.

Sportztrip is looking for Contributors who can demonstrate a capacity to provide both written and video content regarding their sport. You will need to be savvy around the Internet, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and also have a penchant for writing. You don’t have to be a Journalist but you will need to able to string a narrative or a commentary around a photo image / footage. For most of you, this will mean trawling the internet and your social media sources, identifying and borrowing stories of interest, acknowledging the content creator, and then uploading these to Sportztrip, while adding your commentary and observations. Much of this content will centre on material that will help Sportztrip viewers / clients improve their skills and competencies in each particular sport. Some of you will supplement this with your own created content. Principal to your role will be to maintain freshness of content daily.

As a sports enthusiast yourself, you will already have your own favourite websites that you find yourself visiting often. Many of you will also regularly access Facebook and Instagram to receive updates on what is news in your sport. As a Contributor at Sportztrip, you will be providing our readers real-time news and information and much of this content will be garnered by our Contributors from trawling the internet and their social media sources. One of the reasons our clients / customers / viewers will come back to us is because we will be their best filter of the information out there. In this way, Sportztrip will offer our clients live, quality content, in an easily accessed, relaxed format. Most people know that forums are full of misinformation posted by punters who only half-know what they’re talking about. They also know that print media is usually two months behind the most recent news and because its main revenue is from advertising, the content is often not exactly on the mark. As a Sportztrip Contributor, you will save our clients the tedious task of conducting their own time-wasting searches and information sourcing.

Your trip and sportz equipment reviews will also be a major part of our content. Often manufacturers will make claims regarding the products they are offering, that are not completely truthful. Often this will involve ‘not’ sharing / ‘selecting’ information with their market (our Sportztrip clients). Part of our Contributor’s role will be advising our readers of a product’s limitations (e.g. gear that is cheap might allow you to enter a sport and give it a try, but it probably won’t take you to the next level of competency, nor last over time). Our aim is not to rubbish a manufacturer’s product. Rather we will be seeking to put it into the context of the sport it is seeking to sell itself into. Because we aren’t print media and aren’t owned by the sports industries we service, you, as our Contributor are free to tell the truth about a product / tour / trip / event. Sportztrip asks only that you communicate that truth in a balanced wider context.

Where you will differ from most Journalists is that Sportztrip will not limit your content sources. This is not an ‘advertisement for editorial’ model. The opposite to it in fact. We do not wish to be beholden to our sport and industry stakeholders. Rather, we want to partner with them, collaboratively, to build our sports.

Nor will we be restricting our content to the latest / greatest / most extreme. There will be plenty of room for content that will ‘speak to’ and assist our beginnersportz Clients to increase their knowledge and improve their skill base. Your content will represent a good read and deliver a great viewing experience that is both entertaining and informative, for your fellow enthusiast.

As an expert in the experience and environment of your sport, you already know what your fellow enthusiasts expect and are likely to enjoy. But more importantly you will be describing the sport to our Sportztrip viewers at a level they can understand. Most of your readers will have a competence below yours, somewhere in the range between beginner and intermediate. You will have to understand this and adjust your communication style and vocabulary to suit. This will be particularly relevant when reviewing tours, equipment and accommodation. Our intent is to provide authentic information aligned to an average punter’s experience, not to a professional’s.

One of Sportztrip’s priorities will be to target potential market-entry enthusiasts to graded and appropriate levels of experiences:
• Beginner to Intermediate;
• Intermediate;
• Intermediate to Expert; &
• Expert.

We also intend to promote the chance for crossover between sports.
Some tech, writing and video skills will also hold you in good stead. And you can do it in your down time, from your bedroom, commuting to your real job on the train, or from your local café in your lunch hour.

Our model is designed to provide maximum flexibility to our Contributors, including a capacity to hold downtheir 9-5 bread and butter jobs. Our Contributors can initially treat Sportztrip as a hobby, then later, as a regular and reliable personal income stream.

In the early stages you would be sending plenty of friend requests on Facebook to people who are enthusiasts in your sport. We want all our Contributors to have 5000 friends on Facebook within 6 months. This will help them see news content very quickly and will also allow our business to grow organically.

So what is it that Sportztrip will specifically require from you as a Journalist Contributor?
1. Find and upload 3 videos a weekthat you consider to be entertaining. You would credit the source(where you found it). Then you would write 50 – 300 words commenting on it.

2. Select a product each week and review it. Again, your commentary should be between 50 & 300 words. Attach at least 3 photos or a short video. Stock photos supplied by manufacturers are acceptable. Initially you will be reviewing gear you yourself use and recommend.

3. Advise of upcoming Events in your sport. You will also be posting competition results as they become available.

4. Contact a Tour Operator (Sportztrip will provide a list to choose from) and interview them regarding their most recent tour or an upcoming tour that they might wish to promote. You can use the Sportztrip Questionnaire as your initial guide. The interview should be no longer than 500 words and be accompanied by photos or footage requested from and provided by the Tour Operator.

Why would you consider becoming a Sportztrip Contributor?
Sportztrip is inviting Contributors of calibre, to get on-board at this early adopter stage, with the intention of growing the value of the enterprise, so that those early adopter Contributors will share in that value / income over time.

Initially we will be offering our contributors in each sport, free products and free trips that manufacturers and tour operators offer to our team to review. For many of our Contributors these will be a trip of a lifetime. With all costs covered. In return Sportztrip will require you to provide an honest / authentic account and review of the product /your experience on your trip / tour. It’s as simple as that.

As the Sportztrip model embeds itself and the platform grows and becomes populated, we will move to also offering an income share from product sales and advertising revenue streams.

Contribute enthusiastically and you’re on-board. Contribute poorly or erratically and you’renot.If you contribute well and keep it fresh, then you get to share in the spoils. You will need to have high levels of conscientiousness for this gig and be a self-starter. But it won’t string you out time-wise… unless you don’t have a spare 20 minutes in your day. A Contributor’s main incentive in the very beginning however will be that they will be accessing a worldwide international platform (i.e. your content will be viewed in countries other than where you will be filing your copy from) for them to build a following from.

And for many of our Contributors, this will be their first job in journalism. And that’s fine with Sportztrip. What you are bringing to the table is your passion and local knowledge. Loving what you are writing about makes the task a whole lot easier and your content that much more authentic.

We are a new company, so you need to understand that as a new Contributor, it is unlikely that you will be offered free product or tours in the first six months i.e. you will be loading up your Content on an expectation of future returns. Our revenue offer is very simple each sports team in each country shall share 80% of the revenue of advertising and product sales. Once our website traffic numbers increase, we will start offering our Contributors free product and trips. Revenue from product sales and advertising fees will most likely take 12 months and it is at that time that we expect our Contributors will start receiving a consistent share from those income streams.

If your content is great, then that will generate large amounts of traffic. When the companies that are involved in the sport begin to see that, then we expect them to come on board and support us. At that point, you, as one of our Contributors, will start seeing benefits.

The companies we are targeting are:
• Tour Operators
• Accommodation Providers
• Event Organisers
• Hard Equipment Manufacturers
• Apparel Manufacturers
• Wholesale Distributors
• Retailers.

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