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Why partnership with Sportztrip?

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Who is Sportztrip?

Sportztrip is an internet-based global news and information service for adventure sports.

These sports include:

1. Cycling & Mountain Biking
2. Hiking & Mountain Climbing
3. Motorcycles (Adventure, Road Touring, Enduro)
4. Diving & Snorkelling
5. Fishing (saltwater & freshwater)
6. Surfing
7. Windsurfing
8. Adventure Racing and Triathlon
9. Snow-Sports
10. Off-road 4 WD adventures

While the Sportztrip platform will be accessed by net-surfing punters generally, we are specifically targeting sports enthusiasts who have a taste for travel.

The content we put up includes sports related videos, commentaries, interviews and skill improvement / educational instructional information.

Our clients are initially attracted by our content but will be directed to our ‘SportzMaps’ where they can locate and identify different trips, tours, events and hire companies in that region.

Sportztrip is continually increasing its international target audience.

A hire business only pays $34 per month and receives all booking and hires fees directly from the client. They can conduct all their onlines sales on this site if they wish. No need to build and ecommerce site.

How Sportztrip works for Hire Partners?

Our Sportztrip clients are a unique niche in the hire market. Unlike general tourists, our international clients have, as one of their priorities, a need for vehicles and equipment close to where their sport event / tour is located / begins.

Sportztrip has a strong referral base because of the unique nature of our Clients. Their common interest and passion causes them to form up into closely communicating communities. Sportztrip enables that community. And it is ‘access’ to that sportz community, that Sportztrip is offering to our Hire partners.

Our adventure sports enthusiasts, will seek out Hire companies who are welcoming of their sport subculture and who service their specific needs. In this respect many of our clients are singularly like-minded and prefer to group together, behaving as a sport subculture clique. Sportztrip is offering its Hire company Partners to become that sportz’ community’s local ‘provider of choice’. That Hire company can expect to grow its business as it becomes more responsive in catering to our sportz Clients’ needs, especially at an international level since our sports news service is global and in 8 different languages.

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