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Who is Sportztrip?

Sportztrip is an internet-based global news and information service for adventure sports. We have combined the world’s most popular sports to maximise exposure.

These sports include:

1. Cycling & Mountain Biking
2. Hiking & Mountain Climbing
3. Motorcycles (Adventure, Road Touring, Enduro)
4. Diving & Snorkelling
5. Fishing (saltwater & freshwater)
6. Surfing
7. Windsurfing
8. Adventure Racing and Triathlon
9. Snow-Sports
10. Off-road 4 WD adventures

While the Sportztrip platform will be accessed by net-surfing punters generally, we are specifically targeting sports enthusiasts who have a taste for travel.

The content we put up includes sports related videos, commentaries, interviews and skill improvement / educational instructional information.

Our clients are initially attracted by our content but will be directed to our ‘Classifieds’ where they can locate and identify different trips, andevents … and where they can also make a Event Booking online.

And Sportztrip is continually increasing its international target audience.

For just $34 per month your event is marketed by Sportztrip and you can make ticket sales on our website with 100% of the revenue going to you. You can use our forum to communicate with your customers which is very handy for updates.

We offer event organisers five key features:
1. Our marketing of the event cost is $34 per month. Our news team and our sports calendar,and classified section help create large amounts of traffic which creates event sales.

2. We can sell tickets well in advance of your event and secure income early which is very handy when having to pay for hire equipment and other cost for event set up.

3. We have great e ticketing systems which can work well even when there is no internet coverage at the venue. If the customer has a mobile phone, ipad or laptop it can work. Or they bring a paper copy or our bar code ticket.

4. We are happy to work beside your current marketing and ticketing systems, so our sales are always seen as a bonus to your operations.

5. For most sports we can offer insurance policies that are cheaper because of our volume of business. We are not the insurer we are just referring you to the best company we know, and it is completely your decision if you wish to use them. This saving may pay for our commission.

6. Each event must be assessed but this is not a complex process. What is great is that we can create tick boxes on our forms so the terms and conditions must be agreed to when the purchase takes place.

7. We understand that an event organiser is often short of staff so our ticketing systems are simply designed so less people are required to perform event registrations on the day.

8. Your event now does not need a website, the marketing cost can be cut, and you don’t need to buy ticketing software. 9. If the event gets cancelled, we will always follow your refund policy. If you refund in full so will we. We would hope that all event organisers would always take the honest path and refund clients if events are cancelled due to lack of numbers or weather.

How do I start with Sportztrip?

Starting with Sportztrip is simple:
Step 1: You fill out our online Registrationand agree to our terms and conditions;
Step 2: You then receive a questionnaire about your Event details;
Step 3: Your Event/s get loaded into our system;
Step 4: You help your business by constantly sending Sportztrip video footage or photos of your recent Events which we will add to our news content (which is the best form of advertising you can deploy at no cost to yourself); &
Step 5: When a client books online we send you a simple booking form & you can then contact the client and use your normal client communication techniques.

Some key points

• If you currently have no online booking system and are just a small operation, you can use ours at no cost (as you wish).

• Our booking system works in 8 languages. Accessing international clients is where we can assist the majority of Event Operators.

• Sportztrip can allow event companies to offer skill level specialised events (e.g. an expert event can be advertised with video footage to a world-wide market instantly and with negligible marketing preparation time).

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